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Media Interactions.


There are many fine people working in the media and many of them have expressed considerable sympathy with my situation and would like to do more to combat the War on Drugs than their media outlets allow.


Sadly, some parts of the media are never particularly helpful or honest, when it comes to the issue of Alcohol, or Other Drugs (AOD).

Recent Media Appearances:

“A renewed interest in hallucinogens—particularly the Amazonian tea ayahuasca—is giving the substances a new image that emphasises spiritual learning over hedonism and excess. Kerry Stewart talks with the researchers and spiritual seekers working to rid the drugs of their stigma and turn psychedelics into sacrament.”
“This week: Comic book historian Kevin Patrick, Advocate of Transcendent Compounds for religious purposes, Greg Kasarik, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Katherine Boo” 
Segment commences at 45:30. 

Other Media Interactions.

On 6 August 2012, the Seven Network in Sydney aired what I regard to be an incredibly dishonest and biased report regarding the “Shaman Australis” nursery and the legal sale of sacred plants. Given that this piece was a clear breach of the Australian Commercial TV Code of Conduct, I lodged a complaint.


I’ll shortly put up my complaint, but their response can be found here, although they weren’t nice enough to make the PDF that readable:




While I view this response as nothing more than a whitewash, I was unable to take the complaint further due to real life getting in the way.

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