The Principles.

The Principles



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“The Principles”, find their origin in Western Philosophical and worldwide mystical tradition. They endevour to be both logically robust, while being spiritually profound.


The Principles are rooted in the observations of Socrates and Descartes, who observed that the only real certainty is that there can never be any certainly.


They flow into the understanding that genuine spiritual experience can never be adequately communicated to another. That dogma is the abrogation of true connection with the Divine Soul.


They are realised the “Ethical Principle”, and the “Generosity Principle. The first which holds that underlying basis for any morality must be to “Act with Empathy”. The second teaches that being generous is the path to true realisation and that generosity toward others is generosity towards the self.


They are confounded by the “Arbitrary Principle” which observes that “Everything Changes”, meaning that they are a snapshot of a particular time and space and that eventually they will be changed, added to, subtracted from, or otherwise shaped and given new meaning. Eventually they will be unrecognisable and have taken on a whole new meaning and understanding that is beyond our imaginings today.


And that is precisely how it is supposed to be. Our path through the Infiniverse needs to be one of continual growth and evolution, not stagnation and decay.


The Principles seek to establish a framework that anybody in any universe can use as a basis for their personal spiritual journey. Don’t worry. You won’t go to hell if they have no meaning for you. Your journey is your own and your path, whether good or ill, is your own to choose.


The principles, with links are as follows:


The Uncertainty Principle: I know nothing, but that I am.

The Divine Principle: god can never know if god is God

The Eternity Paradox: You are either eternal, or not, but can never know which

The Principle of Life: Life is about the journey; there can be no destination.

The Ethical Principle: Act with Empathy

The Generosity Principle: Helping others helps yourself.

The Spiritual Principle: The first Disciple is always the first Heretic.

The Psychological Principle: Your reality is “Truth”.

The Reality Principle: Science is Truth.

The Paradox of Disbelief: Belief without disbelief is merely uninformed superstition.

The Omniscience Principle: God is You.

The Arbitrary Principle is new and will have its own page shortly.