The Psychological Principle

The Psychological Principle: Your reality is “Truth”.


Journey to Heaven
Not all pumpkins are the same… And just like pumpkins, people have an infinite range of personality variables and life histories and these predispose them to believe different things. A person who likes rational decision making and structure may believe that laws are an essential and necessary part of the human condition, whereas a person who favours emotion based decision making and who dislikes structure may view all laws as an unnecessary evil, or just plain evil.


The reasons that we believe things are complex and it is foolish to expect that everyone will, or even should believe the same thing. Unless a person is hurting others, or causing harm, It is even more foolish to penalise and persecute people for believing what makes sense to them.


Ultimately, the key to understanding this principle lies in applying understanding and empathy and taking into consideration the reasons why people differ in their values. Unless a person is engaging in behaviours that are detrimental to others, their beliefs should be respected and tolerated, even as one works to change their mind about it. In cases where beliefs impact on behaviour, Empathy should guide us to a compromise that meets the needs of the parties concerned.