Cultural Reasons for Regulated Access to Transcendent Compounds

The modern world can be a lonely, disconnected place. Despite the preponderance of social media, far too many people are disconnected, isolated and alone. They feel no connection with themselves, their families or with their communities and left unchecked their despair can easily reach the epic proportions that generate the sorts of riots that we have recently seen in London.

While I don’t for a second believe that Victoria is ripe for that kind of civil disturbance, I have spent a number of years working with disadvantaged people, such as homeless and long term unemployed and have seen the disconnection of which I speak first hand.

Spiritual and cultural organisations are very good at bringing people together in order to provide a sense of community and belonging. In particular, I am impressed by the way in which traditional religions focus much of their work on charity and assisting those in need. Sadly, most new religious movements (be they Christian, New Age, or whatever) seem more focused on their own enrichment, rather than the betterment of society as a whole.

However, the answer does not lie in simply raising up more traditional churches and enforcing more traditional belief. People have rejected these outmoded and often nonsensical traditions for a reason and will resist having to pay homage to false gods. Rather, we need to be able to create our own institutions, so that we might better promote community, generosity, self respect and tolerance for others.

But if our very sacraments are rendered illegal, we cannot build such a community. Living in fear of persecution, of losing one’s job and family are not contributing factors to participation in a stable community. Rather they are the first steps on the slippery slope to alienation, cultural isolation, mental illness and despair.

Through allowing Transcendent Compounds to be available in a regulated manner for religious purposes, governments will also be promoting the growth of civil society and community in a manner that will benefit us all.