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God” verses “god”.

Probably as good a place as any to start is to address why I continually use the term “god” with a lower case, rather than the more traditional upper case, “G”. This usage relates to the Divine Principle, which states that “god can never know if god is God”. This means that it is impossible for any being to actually know if it is in fact “God”, or whether another deity sits above them, in the same way as they sit above us. As such, any speculation about the nature of god can never be final, although in general terms, we can hold that some things would be true for “God” as well as god. Another reason that I use the small “g” god is that for reasons which will become clearer as I progress, I believe that “God” is the ideal to which we are progressing. The ever unobtainable end result of creation, not its source.


God, Consciousness and Time.

I believe that god is a conscious being and as such has the capacity to experience and to make decisions. Accordingly, god must experience time, just as we do, because without the perception of time, it would be impossible to have a “before”, or after within to function. From this it follows that god is not ever unchanging. The capacity to make decisions, and the capacity to experience time, entails a capacity for change. God will be different after making a decision than he was before. 

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