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God’s Omniscience and Your Secret Identity.

So, God is not omniscient, but is instead, heading towards omniscience, the ever unobtainable Final Destination. While omniscience is something that I deal with in detail elsewhere, I define it as “The knowledge of everything that it is logically possible to know”. This raises the question of what sort of things are logically possible to know. Well for a start, your life is logically possible to know. More importantly, the experience of your life, being lived as you live it, is also logically possible to know. The startling implication of this, is that god knows what it is like to live your life and experience it, exactly as you are living your life and experiencing it. There is no difference between your experience of your life and god’s experience of your life. They are an exact one to one match, exactly the same.

So why would god would create a separate “you”, when your experience and life are already accessible to him and contained within his essence? Why would he make a DVD release of the original? The answer is of course that he wouldn’t. It would be pointless. God’s omniscience effectively demands that you are god!

But while it might be wonderful to be god, it is rather pointless to go overboard about it. While god’s omniscience requires that you and he are the same, the fact is that god is also every other sentient that you come across, ranging from your partner to your dog and any potential space aliens that you might happen to encounter. In truth, while god is effectively Infinite, we are nothing but the most insignificant aspect of his awareness. Just because we are god, doesn’t mean that the universe revolves around us. No more than it did around the fish that you ate last night, who’s consciousness was also that of god.

So, just as a beach is made up of countless grains of sand, so to, is God made up of countless incarnations of sentience, each an infinitely tiny addition to his omniscience and purpose.
Truly: I am god. You are god. We are God!

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