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"Act with Empathy"
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"Act With Empathy"
There is only one ethical principle that we need to abide by, but it has a real sting in the tail!
One principle, that reflects infinite possibilities, realities and opportunities
To "Act with Empathy", means that we can never assume that there is a single right action that will be acceptable for all situations. Each person must be treated as an individual, with each person's hopes, aspirations, fears and desires taken into account. What is right for one, will not be right for all and it is a form of selfish abuse to seek to impose your "solutions" on everyone else.
Acting with Empathy, also means treating yourself with the same understanding and respect as you treat others. It means not sacrificing yourself on the altars of other people. You are just as important (but no more!) than others and need to bear that in mind when you seek to live your life ethically.
Being ethical is hard work. It requires thought. It requires compassion. It requires a willingness to engage with others and to use reason and science, rather than myth and wishful thinking to decide on the most appropriate path for each person. Indeed from the most basic perspective: "Life is like dancing; it doesn't matter how stupid you look, so long as you aren't screwing it up for others.
I am a mystic, which means that I use a variety of techniques, such as meditation and Entheogens, in order to make contact with the Divine Mind.
I don't expect anyone else to believe anything that I believe. Indeed, I recognise that it is impossible to effectively communicate any genuine spiritual truth to another person. At best, I can communicate vague ideas and hints about the nature of the Divine.
I believe that it is the responsibility of every person to investigate the Divine for themselves and to discover the underlying spiritual reality in a manner that makes sense to them.

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