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The Near Death Experiment

The Near Death Experiment uses a robust scientific methodology to to examine the possible existence of life after death. 

It does so by utilising a routinely used medical procedure, known as Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest (HCA), whereby a patient's heart and even brain function are stopped through cooling their core body temperature to a point where these functions automatically cease. The participant is effectively rendered clinically dead.

While a participant is in the clinically dead phase of the experiment, a series of random trials can be conducted that aim to establish if a person who reports an out of body experience during a Near Death Experience is actually experiencing a state of true disembodied consciousness

After a period of 5 - 10 minutes of clinical death, the participant can be revived and their experiences while "dead" investigated. If these experiences mirror those that occurred during the random trials, we can be confident that the person has experienced live during death and that life after death is a distinct possibility.
In addition to this, the follow-up phase of the experimental design will allow researchers to assess any ongoing changes arising from a Near Death Experience.
The full experimental design can be found on the NDExp Website.

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