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"Act with Empathy"
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I am God. You are God. We are God.

I am a mystic. I spend alot of time contemplating the Universe, Meaning and the Infinite.

Religion is the tool that men, dead for eons use to control your minds. One can study theology for a lifetime, yet have not even the slightest understanding of the true nature of God. Dogma is created by ignorant, controlling people, who fail to understand the nuances and subtlties of the universe they find themselves in. The Divine is Infinite, yet man chooses to impose false dicotomes and binary outcomes, of Good vs Evil, Hell vs Heaven; failing to realise that there are an infinite number of numbers between zero and one and that omniscience demands that God explores them all.

In truth, there is no objective evidence for God and Dawkins was 100% right, God is a Delusion. But Dawkins was also 100% wrong, because the evidence for God lies not outside ourselves, but deep within our souls, where the knowledge of our shared universal consciousness lies. The answers are to be found within, and I have touched the Mind of God, the Divine and have some limited understanding of the nature of reality and the infinite within which we find ourselves. But my understanding cannot be your understanding, and if you agree with everything I say, I know that you have not understood the most basic of concepts that I wish to communicate.
It is impossible for any person to adequately communicate a genuinely spiritual concept to another. Language is far too limited: The first Diciple is always the first Heretic!

Given the Infintie nature of God, there can be only one moral precept, one Divine command: "Act with Empathy".

Beyond this, there can be no "right", no "wrong". Morality without understanding people and the unique situations that they find themselves in is a contradiction. Absolute moral law is an abomination that seeks to undermine the fact that you are unique and that your life is unique and your situation is unique. For example, the Eighth Commandment says that "thou shalt not steal", but theft of food from the wealthy to save your starving family can only be considered morally wrong by those lacking the most basic levels of empathy and compassion. Clearly, there are no black and whites, even when one does try to pretend that absolutes exist.

However, if we understand the needs of others and the nature of ourselves, we can make the best decisions, and achieve the best outcomes for all, ensuring that when we inevitably stand in their shoes, as any eternal being eventuallly will, our lives will be enriched by actions taken in another lifetime.

But what is one to do with this knowledge? The path of the mystic is an internal one and our society does not treat those who commune with God with respect. Unless of course one is a member of a powerful, organised church, in which case, there is little, if any communing with God, but much with the bank, and levers of power and prestige.

Some people probably think that I have taken too much acid, but I'm concerned that I haven't taken enough.

But why is it that I must break the law to engage in the sacraments of my religion? What can I do about that, without ending up locked into a jail, hounded and persecuted, as have so many who have chosen my path throughout history?


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