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The Principles are the basis on which I am organising a new philosophy of religious and spiritual belief.

They are not dogmas to be believed, or propositions to be adhered to, but rather a series of observations about the nature of the universe and the implications that this has for each individual's spiritual journey.

An Overview of the Principles can be found here.

The principles, with links are as follows:

The Uncertainty Principle: I know nothing, but that I am.

The Divine Principle: god can never know if god is God

The Eternity Paradox: You are either eternal, or not, but can never know which

The Principle of Life: Life is about the journey; there can be no destination.

The Ethical Principle: Act with Empathy

The Generosity Principle: Helping others helps yourself.

The Spiritual Principle: The first Disciple is always the first Heretic.

The Psychological Principle: Your reality is "Truth".

The Reality Principle: Science is Truth.

The Paradox of Disbelief: Belief without disbelief is merely uninformed superstition.

The Omniscience Principle: God is You.


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