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More Limits of Being God (Or just how insignificant am I?)

As with so many things, the knowledge that you are god contains within it both the potential for immense joy, as one realises that in a very real sense, their consciousness is not just eternal, but Divinely Infinite. You are everything!

But the sting in the tail is that you are nothing! You are merely “Cha wa”[1], or the most infinitesimally tiny part of the Divine Mind. While your consciousness will never die, at some point after you pass from your physical body, everything that you are will merge with a consciousness that is so much greater than your own. You won’t be lost, you won’t be erased, but “you” will cease to be the focus of your being, as “you” takes on and incorporates a potentially infinite number of other incarnations that the Divine Mind has also experienced[2].
Indeed, the experience of merging with the Divine is that rather than your consciousness becoming lost within a multitude of "other" consciousnesses, your awareness will expand in a seemingly infinite manner to incorperate all of those other awarenesses. In that moment, you will realise fully that there is indeed only a single consciousness and that you are it.
This expansion of consciousness is an aspect of what I often refer to as "touching the Divine Mind". It is the sensation of incorperating the infinite within one's own being.

So, while you are an incarnation of the Infinite Divine Mind, you are also immeasurably tiny and not any more important than any of the other sentients that also make up parts of the Divine Mind. This is probably another reason why you are unable to do the amazing godstuff, because ultimately, your preferences have no more intrinsic worth than another’s, simply because they are your preferences. If you could do the godstuff, then so could every other being and that would kind of repudiate the whole point of incarnating in a universe such as this. 

[1] I know it sounds silly. Don’t ask me. The word came to me in a trance and sometimes, you’ve just got to run with what you are given.

[2] Now, this isn’t to say that you won’t have the opportunity to continue your consciousness as you beyond your death. Ultimately, life is about the journey, so if you want to explore that and for example have the experience of some sort of afterlife, in which you, your friends and family enjoy each other’s company and live in a perfectly harmonious existence, then there is no reason why that shouldn’t take place. But, at some point, you will all feel the urge to move from that existence to another and begin the next stage of your journey. Remember that as an Eternal and Infinite Being you will be able to explore a whole range of amazing possibilities most of which are beyond your current imaginings.




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