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Frankly, with all the free news available online these days, I'm surprised anyone buys papers any more.

Expect to be paying for all your online news very shortly...

Herald Sun - A Melbourne based tabloid, which holds the claim to being "Australia's biggest selling daily newspaper". 
The Age Opinions - Another Melbourne based paper, although this time a broadsheet. It has a good stable of opinoin writers, which is mostly what I read the papers for anyway. Tends to be more left wing. This link is to their opinion section as they are the only newspaper that doesn't have such a link on their banner.
The Australian - Australia's only daily national newspaper.
The New York Times - One of America's leading source of news from around the globe.
The Washington Post - Another of America's premier newspapers.
Haaretz - An Israeli newspaper. Tends to favour a more leftist/centrist approach, which suits me, because the Jerusalem Post seems to be full of people who really lack any sense of Empathy, or concern for the Palestinian population that they have ceasely tried to grind into the dust for the past 40 years.
The Guardian - A British newspaper, with a leftist approach. Good opinion pieces to be found in their opinions section, also called "CIF", which stands for "Comment is Free".
I had included a link to "The Times", but since that old ex-Australian started charging to read it, I haven't bothered with it.
The Asia Times Online - Good newspaper for getting to the heart of a range of Asian issues. Articles are often written from the perspective of Asian, rather than Western points of view, which is great!
CNN - US News service. Famous for keeping us all in the loop during the First Gulf War, but now just one of many 24/7 news providers.
The Economist - This is an excellent magazine for keeping up an understanding of a range of issues, especially as they relate to the economy. A great, compulsory read for me!
New Scientist - Probably the world's best magazine for keeping up to date with the latest in the scientific communities.
Newsweek - US based current affairs magazine.
Time Magazine - US based current affairs magazine, famous for its "Man of the Year" (or is that "Person of the Year" these days). Equally famous for squibbing in the year 2001, when it named Rudolph Gulianni, the Mayor of New York (You know, that guy that you've never heard of) instead of Osama Bin Ladin as the man who had the most impact on that year. Yeah right. Simple fact is that it is often the evil buggers who have the most impact and the rest of us have to just make do.
Foreign Policy - A magazine, surprisingly enough about foreign policy! Quite a good and diverse read.
The Slate Magazine - More of an online magazine with quite a few good opinion writers and different points of view.
The Punch - Good Australian online magazine specialising in publishing commentary. Did I mention that I enjoy reading other people's points of view?
The Drum - The Australian Broadcasting Corperation's website for analysis and comment.
The Onion - "America's finest news source". For all the news that isn't news, you must head off to here...

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