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The Symbol of Life

The Symbol of Life is a mystical symbol, which represents the nature of life, experience and learning.

It has four components, which each represent a particular aspect of existence.


The Ouroborus, in the shape of the Infinity Symbol, represents life continually giving birth to itself and forcing itself into existence. Failure to do so results in stagnation and death. Life can never know from where it has emerged, or how this has occurred.


The parallel bars represent the forces against which life must struggle to overcome. They continually press against Sentience, threatening its existence and represent the challenges, which while difficult create significance and value.


The oval represents sentience expanding into the unknown. What is contained within the oval is known, but irrespective of how much is known, there is always an Infinite yet to be explored.


The area outside the oval represents the Infinite into which SENTIENCE expands and the potential inherent within the Divine. Wisdom and understanding is to be gained by learning and experience of the new, and true wisdom requires experience and understanding of all aspects of existence.


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