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Limits of Being God. (Or why can’t I do “godstuff”?)

For many the joy of discovering that they are god will be short lived, tempered by the simple and obvious fact that they are resolutely unable to do “godthings”. Despite trying, miracles just don’t seem to want to happen. The mountain remains solidly perched on land and refuses to transpose into the sea, irrespective of how much faith one brings to bear.

But the reason for this is tied into the nature of god and the reason why he has chosen to incarnate as you, rather than as a miracle working, lightning bolt throwing, giver of laws and bringer of justice.

There are a range of reasons for this. Firstly, god is about exploring a range of possibilities, as she (and I use the word “she” with great reluctance: I just can’t bring myself to use the word “it”) moves towards omniscience. And contained within this range of possibilities are going to be numerous existences in which there is no actual evidence of god whatsoever, and in which anything remotely resembling the supernatural is totally absent. Indeed, our own species, with its continual, millennia old hankering after the Divine, can arguably be thought of as a half way house between those universes in which the knowledge and power of god is directly manifested and those in which the concept is entirely absent and never even considered.

So, a key reason why you are unable to do godstuff, is simply that this universe and your current incarnation are not ones in which you wanted to be able to explore that kind of power.


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More Limits of Being God (Or just how insignificant am I?)


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