This website is devoted to our journey of understanding and my goal is to communicate what I have learnt to others. Not so that you may believe everything I believe (you can’t, so don’t bother even trying: the first Disciple is always the first Heretic) but so that my experiences might assist you with own journey of discovery and so that you might find answers that make sense to you.

It is up to each of us to make sense of the world and we can only do so by listening to our hearts, imposing reason on our thoughts and engaging with the experience of the spiritual journey. Your answers cannot be my answers and if they seem to be, than we have not discussed in enough detail to discover the areas in which we must surely differ.

If you think you have the answers already, you are almost certainly wrong. How could a mortal of less than 150 years have the answers to questions that lie within the realms of an Infinite reality?

If you don’t care for spirituality, or questioning the nature of your reality, then you will find little here to entertain.

But if you are of curious temperament, love ideas and are prepared to be challenged and open your mind to possibilities that you have never imagined (for example it may shock you to realise that god can never know if god is God), then you will find that time spent exploring this site and watching it grow is time well invested in the never ending journey that is your life.

I aim to promote a community of thinkers, who recognise that the only truth is that there is no “Truth” and who respect the rights of each person to believe what makes sense to them, so long as no harm is done to others.

I am but a guide; even I can not say where your journey will end.

(And yes, in case you missed it, that was pretentious irony. We all take ourselves far too seriously…)

Taking LSD on the steps of Parliament House

ABC’s Radio National “Encounter” program: “Mind at Large”

“A renewed interest in hallucinogens—particularly the Amazonian tea ayahuasca—is giving the substances a new image that emphasises spiritual learning over hedonism and excess. Kerry Stewart talks with the researchers and spiritual seekers working to rid the drugs of their stigma and turn psychedelics into sacrament.”
“This week: Comic book historian Kevin Patrick, Advocate of Transcendent Compounds for religious purposes, Greg Kasarik, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Katherine Boo” 
Segment commences at 45:30. 


Help! I’m being renovated!

Kasarik.com is currently undergoing a major renovation and will pages will be reloaded incrementally over the course of the next few weeks.

The new site is being transformed into one that will use WordPress, instead of an outdated Content Management System.

This will hopefully allow people to comment on posts, register for updates and allow us to promote a more community related experience.

In the meantime, you can follow Greg Kasarik on Twitter @gregkasarik and on Facebook as well!

Please be patient with us during this time and keep an eye out for some exciting and controversial new writing about god, the universe, Transcendent Compounds and drug law reform! 🙂


Until everything is fully available, old site content can be found here: http://kasarik.com/Home.php


Under Construction

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi Mr Kasarik.

    I just added you on FB, love your site, and agree with some of your principals (I’m a fellow “Nexian” btw).

    Keep up the hard work – I’m trying to become more active in this domain.

    ps. Hope the Cancer is defeated.

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